Who We Are

HBG by Azaria is a premium, bespoke Kenyan brand. We skillfully craft luxury leather goods for our regional & global clientele. Welcome to HBG and get the most unique, most premium products in the market.

Our Products

Real leather is natural therefore no two pieces are ever alike. All may exhibit some markings from bites or scratches on the animal from grazing. The natural leather takes in the dye and dries differently.The products we craft are inique for you in every way.

How We Work

We have two ways in wheich we work.First, you can order what is available in our stock and make your purchase. Secondly you can make a custom order or a variation from wat we have. We are versatile and will ensure that you get the product you want.

Our Products

Highest Quality


Made with passion by skilled curators from the city.

100% Pure

our leather is 100% pure.

Curated Products

Custom orders are welcome.

Modern Machines

Our machines are modern and services to international standards.

Long Lasting

Our custoomers from 2010 still have strong bags to date.


We are envirnmental friendly in our proccesses, delivery and packaging.

Our Team

We Are The Best Team

Sherri Horton
Hector Stokes
Aliesha Preston
Eiliyah Gould